Thursday, February 08, 2007

Skate to Write, Write to Skate

I'm feeling philosophical today. I wrote, once, about how horseback riding was like writing, in that you had to keep getting up and getting back "on" your career, no matter how many times you got thrown, how sometimes you just had to outstubborn the "horse" of your book, etc.

Since we (yes, the Engineer is taking lessons with me) had our second ice skating lesson last night, I think I can safely say that learning how to skate is like writing, too.

First and foremost, you fall down a lot. And you have to learn how to get up without falling down again in the process. And without showing off any underwear or anything while you're getting back up (or burning bridges or insulting the wrong people, etc).

You have to overcome wobbly ankles and let go of the wall. You will never learn to skate if you don't try. (And never figure out that you *can* write if you don't put your butt in the chair, your hands on the keyboard and give it a shot. Or strengthen your writing if you don't keep practicing.)

You've got to have at least a little confidence in yourself or you will watch others skate rings around you (literally) and never dare to make rings of your own.

When you're watching someone else leap and twirl and dance gracefully across the ice, remember that they were once where you are, and that with enough time and dedication, you may get where they are now. It won't be the same dance, but that's what makes you fun to watch. (Do I need to translate that one?)


Robert said...

Try ballroom dancing -- there's a lot less falling down. :)

I'm serious. Dancing is fun, it's exercise, and you can meet lots of people at dance class.

Sara Dennis said...

Bet you can't skid across the dance floor on your face while ballroom dancing, though. ;)

Actually, I think ballroom dancing would be fun. Convincing the Engineer on the other hand...

Pam Skochinski said...

Yep, definately fall down a lot. I, personally, took the ballroom dancing route! LOL! I'd love to take classes again, but we have three little impediments at the moment. Hopefully we won't be too old to enjoy a class or two once they get a bit bigger (and can take classes of their own!)

Lynne Simpson said...

How cool that your husband is taking lessons with you! I hope you're both having a great time. :-)