Saturday, February 10, 2007

Nobody wants to see this...

But since I stepped in it again, I'll share anyway.

Yep, me and Monica, trading virtual blows again. Only this time, all I can do is laugh.

My most recent comment on the Dear Author debacle expresses my thoughts on Monica's constant commentary that blacks are extremely discriminated against in the publishing industry. Yes, I know better than to get involved in this argument because, as I said in the comment, there is no viewpoint other than hers. Arguing is futile. And yet, I persist. It's a button.

Her response makes it pretty clear that she didn't read what I wrote. And when called on it, she proves yet again that she didn't read, but now she thinks she knows something about me.

Like I said, I have to laugh.

Sorry. I'm a romance author, plain and simple. Okay, no, I'm an author because I don't only write romance. I'm still not going to slap a race label on myself as an author. It doesn't change what, or how, I write. Besides, the only label that would fit is way too long to put in a cover letter or an author bio and people probably don't really care.


Bestselling Author, Pontif. said...

You don't slap a race label on yourself, but the point you're missing is that one gets slapped on you in the industry.

I think you're being overly harsh on Monica. Basically telling her she's crying wolf. That's very insolent to anyone who's being marginalized and treated per race, as opposed to content.

Sara Dennis said...

I have yet to sell a book to NY, this is true. However, I have come close many times, and I have never, from any agent or editor, been told that I couldn't write what I wanted.

I also don't tell them what color I am in my query letters. I've never been asked. Even after some of these agents and editors have met me face-to-face, they haven't told me that I have to write characters of any particular ethnicity and -only- that ethnicity.

I also think that Monica's misreading of what I wrote and assumption that she "knows very well" what I am is harsh.

Bestselling Author, Pontif. said...

Come on, Sara. Who said people are going to tell you that when they meet you f2f?

Furthermore, what content do you write?

Sara Dennis said...

They don't tell me in writing or on the phone, either.

I write all sorts of content. I write white characters, I write black characters, I write aliens and werewolves and mermaids.

And yes, I've submitted all of the above to various houses. And never once been asked what color I am.

Sara Dennis said...

Also, the reason for the face to face comment is that you and Monica are both asserting that if a publisher gets wind of the fact that you're non-white, it's all over and you are forever relegated to writing only ethnic characters/for ethnic lines.

As my typing has no color, the only way they know that I'm ethnic at all is by meeting me face to face. I'm saying that what you insist is true hasn't been my experience.