Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Monday!

Welcome to Monday and another week. Welcome to Presidents' Day. Welcome to, er, February 19th. What else? :)

We did get out and do a couple of things as I hoped. We went to a belated Valentine's/Anniversary dinner and out to see a movie, for starters. We watched Ghost Rider, which I can only recommend for the old rider's horse. Really, that's it.

And then we looked at new houses, because ours is old and quirky and well, hey, why not. Oddly, I used to think looking at houses was a pain in the rear. Now I sort of like it. More signs of growing up, I suppose.

Plugging away on a submission. I'm writing lots of action for this book, which as C.E. Murphy says is fun to read, but I find it difficult to write. All those bodies and fists flying and whatnot. I've written it before, and I'm usually pleased with how it turns out, but in the middle of a scene, it feels like a struggle. We all have our weak points, right?

Right. Mine is plotting and, as mentioned, action. What about you?


Pam Skochinski said...

My weak points tend to be lack of showing emotions and actions when I get caught up in the writing (lots of talking heads at time). I have to slow down, go back over and really picture in my mind what the characters are doing and feeling.

Plotting is my strong point!

This weekend, I got sooo much good revising done. My WIP is almost ready to resubmit (per an editor's request).

Catie said...

Description. Emotional depth. Motivation. I've gotten a lot better at those out of necessity, but they are still hard to do, and not at all my favorite things to write. :)

-Catie (aka C.E. Murphy, she said self-importantly. :))

Sara Dennis said...

Pam: HOORAY for the request! Good luck!

Catie: What was it you said? If it was easy, everyone would do it? :)