Thursday, November 09, 2006

My kingdom for an extra hour

I'm beginning to understand the need for a personal assistant.

I have no new updates from Fox as yet, but I did find a couple of press releases that mention Tessa and I, so that was pretty cool.

I also talked to a reporter from the Sacramento Bee this morning, so we'll see if that turns into an article in a couple of weeks.

And life goes on. Writing to do, parts of the house to clean, laundry to fold.


Alice Audrey said...

So the personal assistant is for the laundry, right? *cheeky grin*


Sara Dennis said...

Oh heck yeah. :)

Shelli Stevens said...

That's a great article :)

Alice Audrey said...



Lynne Simpson said...

Congratulations on the news article! I hope you sell lotsa books as a result. :-)

Ann Cory said...

Ah yes - a personal assistant would be lovely!! I'd go for part-time organizer even...I sure need it. Have missed you and wanted to say hi and see what you were up to! :)