Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I think, just possibly, that I'm finished with my Rune, which has been a long time coming, but you know. These things take time. I didn't quite make my projected 30K, but that's all right. 26K is respectable. I'm currently calling it Finding Home. Titles are so not my strong point.

I'll print it and give it a last read and repair, then ship it off to the bosses and move on to the next project on the list. Feels good to have it done and one more thing completed and under my belt.

I like that story quite a bit. I like more of it than I dislike, which sounds like a weird thing to say, but we writers, you know, we're very critical of our work. I'm very good at finding parts that I don't like or that I didn't manage to convey quite the way I wanted, so to say that I like more than I don't at this stage of the book? Is quite something and I'm proud of me.

Spoke with an agent in LA yesterday about my thoughts and hopes for the Fox deal. It was nice to bounce ideas off someone who gets what I'd like to do with a career in Hollywood, should I happen to end up with one. Please allow me to clarify, though: She's not my agent. I don't have an agent of any sort. Just someone who was willing to talk. I've found, actually, that much like published authors (who used to terrify me) that agents and editors are real people too, and that they like to talk--just talk--almost as much as the random person on the street does. About their lives, about the world in general, all without any expectation that they have to do work or provide a service they weren't expecting too. It was a good conversation.

Rumor has it that I will be writing a guest spot at Romance By the Blog in January. Rumor has it that Tessa will too. I'm sure one (or both) of us will let you know more.

And happy birthday, yesterday, to my mother, who is not really online but she might, someday, peek. Happy day, Mom!


Tessa Dare said...

Congratulations on finishing up your project! How do we get to read it?

I think I'm scheduled to do the guest blog on January 8th. Six weeks to fret about what to write ... hmmm.

Kimberly said...

Congrats on finishing up the book. There is nothing quite like writing that last word, hehe.

And happy late birthday to your mom.

Anonymous said...

Congrats. . . bet it feels terrific to write THE END!

Let us know when it's due out~

LauraT said...

Hey Sara,

Sorry I haven't stopped by in so long... remember my last email? Anyway.. How was the dixie chicks concert back in Nov??

And I knew I liked you for other reasons that writing jbc of that post... :O) haha.

I loved their new song lulaby on the new cd..

ok... what else? The talking to the agent thing is cool.. bc not for nothing.. you've broken into the industry.. you have something very very big to get the attention of people even after the year deal is up. It is all very exciting, and I hope it takes you all the places you want to be...

and congrats on finishing the book from me too!


I have to run!

Shelli Stevens said...

Congrats on finishing your Rune :)

And I realized the same thing about agents this year. It's a nice feeling.

Good luck with everything!

M.E Ellis said...

Good luck with everything!


Alice Audrey said...

I knew agents were real people, but I didn't realize they had time to simply chat. So cool that you had a chance to bounce ideas off her. Do you think she might represent you? Do you want her to?


Sara Dennis said...

We talked while she grocery shopped, Alice. ;) Believe me, during business hours, she's working with and for her clients.

At the moment, there's not much an agent can do for me in H'wood. In NY? Possibly.

Laura, of course I remember your last email. Thanks for the reminder! I have to remember to watch.