Thursday, September 21, 2006

This writing life.

As the author proves that she is, once again, not dead. This is getting to be habit.

But I'm not! Hi! If anyone's still reading the blog after such a long hiatus, hello and welcome back. :)

For starters, I have another great pair of reviews over on Literary Sass for Fortune's Fool. Go check it out!

For seconds, I am at one of those endless loop, writing rut places that authors hate to be in, but that happen to all of us. In reading a couple of other blogs, it appears to be going around. With luck, I'll get out of it soon.

And start updating again. :)


Dayna_Hart said...

I was starting to worry, since I hadn't seen you in a while. But. I knew life had thrown you some curves, so I was being...patient! Who knew I had it in me?! :)

I'm glad to see you're up and moving.

Lyric said...

The writing rut..yes, I've been there. It likes to visit me regularly. LOL

M.E Ellis said...

Ahhh, she's back!

I haven't got that writer's block disease yet, but it won't be long before it reaches me!


Jen said...

Congrats on the review. Glad to see other people appreciate it as much as I loved it.
Hope your writing rut passes soon.

Kristen Painter said...

Get on it! ;o)