Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Catching up

I admit it. I am a grade-A slacker. The Engineer is out of the country, and I'm content to sit in my extremely quiet house and write. Or watch movies. Or pet the cats or read. Gosh, reading. I haven't dedicated significant chunks of time to reading for a while. It feels so good.

Still, I have to cook to eat, and do the occasional chore. Go to class, answer the phone, get the mail, that sort of thing.

I dream of the day when I don't have to, though. When I have servants and maids and -- okay, yeah, I'd probably be bored out of my skull, but it's a nice fantasy.

Got my RWR today, which means reading over the candidates and getting ready to vote. I've heard some people say they don't know enough to cast a ballot. To which I say, read. Think. Discuss with your friends. And if you decide not to vote, you have no room to complain if something doesn't go your way. That's how I feel about American politics, and how I feel about RWA National politics too.

I did my stint as chapter president. I may do it again next year. And I loathe nothing more than someone who complains about a decision the chapter made when they don't volunteer their time to do anything about it.

So there you have my rant.

Oh. Question: After all of the kerfluffle over Janet Butler's letter last month, do we know why there's no Letters to the Editor section in this month's RWR? I know for a fact that letters were written...


Dayna_Hart said...

Oooh isn't it wonderful to just do Whatever? I got to holiday most of the end of August, first week of September, and hubby got time off for the first time in over a we went...Out Of Town. Stayed in a Hotel. *g* The life experiences! :)

Anywho. I did miss being online though, and am still catching up...which is why I popped by. Hi Sara :)

Lyric said...

Ooh...alone time. I wish I had some of that. I guess I did though last month, but sure could use some again. Have fun!

M.E Ellis said...

To read a book all day from start to finish. A distant memory!

Glad you're having some you time.


Madison Chase said...

I'm catching up as well. Just wanted to say hi. :)

Bella Tyler said...

Ahhh a maid...wouldn't that be lovely!!!