Wednesday, September 27, 2006

*happy dancing*

Yes, I'm posting this everywhere. Eventually the shiny will wear off and I'll stop.


I write this post with my head spinning, a little.

Writers, as a breed (we are a breed, show your pedigrees with pride!) live for validation. As we all know, this is a solitary business. We might join mailing lists or critique groups, or take a class or two, but mostly we do it on our own. We practice and we polish and we hope we're doing it write. We get to the point where we think 'gee, I'm pretty clever' or 'I did that well' and we send our babies out into the world. They don't always succeed.

And sometimes they do.

And when they do, we can't help but be giddy and happy and, you know, we do embarrassing dances in our socks in the kitchen. So I'm going to brag.

Avon's having a contest, much like a 'choose-your-own adventure' sort of thing. It's Regency and they supply an idea for what the chapter must include. Writers flesh that out in the entries they submit. They do mini promos, with headlines and graphics. They write about 1500 words and their peers vote. The goal of the first round is to make the top 10.

Last week, I made the top 100.

This week, top 10!

Picture me dancing. :)

(If anyone's interested in following along [or voting!], the website is Avon FanLit. It costs nothing to register.)


Mia Romano said...

I cast my vote Miss Sara. I loved it! A big high five your way!

Loribelle Hunt said...

That is so awesome Sara! Congrats!

Lyric said...

Came over here to give you a big shout out too. Yeah!!!!!

Dayna_Hart said...

If I didn't like you, I'd hate you :)

*grin* As it is, I'm just stinking happy for you. Way. To. Go!!

Debora said...

I keep forgetting to go over and check this contest out - you've just given me a reason to go over there today! Congrats - Sara - this is awesome!

M.E Ellis said...

Oh bless you! Well done! I'm smiling for you here!