Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I give

Clearly, the notion of having a shiny topic of the day is not going to work, as I keep flaking out on updating my own blog! What a slacker! But the Monday Motivation thing works for me, so that, at least, I can do. And if I happen to pick up other days along the way, well, I'll add them.

I give myself permission not to be perfect. (Which is a good thing because otherwise I'd spend a lot of time punishing myself and that would be a whole different sort of blog.)

As one of my fellow Cobblestone Stooges mentioned (... and really, when are we going to start using Musketeers? Hnf!), it's a busy summer writing wise. Well. For the rest of the year, really. I'm booked! I have "little" books to write, "big" books to write, and with luck I won't be slowing down any time soon. Boy do I have to stick to my writing per day, though. Drifting works during the summer when I don't have other demands on my time, but I'm back to school two days a week in the fall. Which doesn't seem like a lot, but it's big chunks of time. My writing will have to to be done first, so getting in the habit now is good.

I'm excited about what I'm working on, though, which makes me glad that this is my job now, too. There were a few days where I wasn't sure. I think that's normal. (Please don't tell me if it isn't!) I'm just glad to be on the sunny side again.

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Shelli Stevens said...

Oh where, oh where, has our Sara gone! Are you nose deep in your writing? :) I hear ya!